The Return Of The Collage Project

Today, after a 3 month break,Ā  I am resuming the collage project I was doing with my sister Carolyn. The project had been temporarily shelved for an assortment of reasons but I can now see my way clear to resume where I left off. Carolyn probably wont be posting any for a while yet but do click the link and enjoy browsing through her art work anyway.

For our collage project we were following the prompts in The Collage Workbook by Randel Plowman. It’s a great book with wonderful creative collage ideas. Today I begin with prompt no. 16 which is “upside down”. Here’s what I did…

Drifting Into Autumn - NB
Drifting Into Autumn

I have chosen soft autumn colours for this collage and I have deliberately placed several elements of the collage upside down. In my corner of the UK autumn is setting in early – trees are changing colour in the park and leaves are dropping like mad. It’s more than likely due to our unusually hot summer and lack of rain.

I have also done prompt no. 17 which is “finger paint”. I had to place some paint onto my collage using only my fingers – a little bit messy but quite fun to do…

Summer Breeze - NB
Summer Breeze

Soft blue shades dominate this collage. White and turquoise acrylic paint was fingered down the left hand side of the collage but I have covered over some of it with collage elements. There is also some white paint across the top too. Erosion Bundle paper was used for this collage along with some used teabags, some scrim and a couple of bits of flaky paint I found in the harbour which probably came off a boat or two…

I love collage – it’s so much fun. I love how it’s a form of art that anyone can do, whether you have no art experience at all or are a seasoned professional artist. Collage can be as simple or as complex as you wish. It’s a fun way to let your imagination run wild.

More collages are in progress as I speak and I will post them soon. Why not try a little collage work this week… ?

24 thoughts on “The Return Of The Collage Project

  1. I so enjoy reading your process, and seeing your beautiful results. Though I’ve never attempted mixed media, I love to compare it to the digital supplies I use, and attempt to create. Thank you Evelyn!

  2. Nice collages and I do appreciate your posts on working through books-very interesting Evelyn!
    By the way, so nice to put a face to your art- lovely
    Jackie “)

  3. So glad you’re back. I too had abandoned the collage challenge because I didn’t have old books to cut up. Every time I go a thrift store I look for something that is cheap I wouldn’t mind destroying. I think I’ll just move on and join you at number 16 and 17.

    1. Thank you Carol – I’m glad to be back to the collage project. I really want to see this through to the end even if it takes me longer than originally planned. I’d love to see what you do for no. 16 & 17…

  4. I love the colour combinations in these, Evelyn. I am inceasingly drawn to more subtle, grungey colours but still need frequent fixes of vibrancy in my life! I always get a colour feast when I visit your blog.


  5. Got so engaged with your lovely colours and generally catching up with your recent work that I forgot to say thank you for visiting my blog, and I’m glad you’re enjoying seeing how I made the mini-album about Mum. I need to keep at it with posting because there’s still a lot to come!


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