Here are some watercolour sketches I did over the past week. I was practicing painting rocks, as in the sort you find on the beach…

Rocks 1 - NB

The purpose of the exercise was to try and capture 3 dimensional shape and depth by changing the tone gradually from light to dark…

Rocks On A Beach - NB

I’ve chosen mostly rounded shapes for these rock sketches but I will try some more with more angular shapes. I’ve tried to capture a little texture in the rocks too by varying the tones of the paint. You can click on the images to view them larger if you wish.

These were fairly simple sketches to do; they didn’t take long; and they were fun… !

27 thoughts on “Rocks

  1. They look realistic with the shadows. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I’ll post again when the fabric is rinsed but it might be a while.

  2. Your colors are also always so soothing. I love seeing your paintings. Ironically, I’m working on a digital rock and water image and hope to share on my blog soon.

  3. You rock with your rocky rocks, Evelyn! They are so 3-D and I adore the colours. I always love the colours you use in your watercolours. What fun you are having!


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