Loose Rock Pile

Loose Rock Pile - NB
Rock Pile – a loose, impressionistic watercolour sketch

A watercolour sketch of a rock pile someone built on the beach…

This is the same rock pile as in my previous post but painted with a completely different interpretation of my original photo. This version was created using techniques I’ve learnt from Jean Haines books. This version is much looser, lighter and ethereal and I didn’t use a pencil sketch first…

Interestingly I used the same two Daniel Smith watercolours for this as in the previous rock pile – Monte Amiata Natural Sienna and French Ultramarine – only in more diluted mixes. This one too was painted on Saunders Waterford High White paper, 140 lb cold pressed and 100% cotton and also measures 19 cm x 29 cm. I did wonder whether to add more detail to this version but decided to leave it just as it is.

So which one of my two rock piles do I prefer? I like both versions but… this loose version has a little bit more of the “wow factor” for me personally. I prefer this one. This loose version appeals more to my creative nature.

So what do I learn from this? Everybody has to find their own style of painting. This teaches me that my natural style of watercolour painting is meant to be loose, more impressionistic than realistic – painting this way brings me much more excitement and happiness…

22 thoughts on “Loose Rock Pile

  1. Stick with what “lights your board”, Evelyn. I love most of Jean Haine’s work but , although she taught me a lot and I HAVE relaxed a bit in my painting, I KNOW I am basically a detail girl! My mission is always to get my viewers to NOTICE the tiny details that are so often overlooked! I want them to SEE as well as to look! BE YOURSELF! Show us EVELYN FLINT! Learn something from EVERYONE… then make Your Own style! Don’t apologize! You are obviously REALLY loving this process. Don’t hurry. We are all waiting to see where you go from here! Lovely work, Evelyn!

    1. Thank you Carolynn – I’ve realized already that you’re a detail girl!! And there’s nothing at wrong with that either! I’m definitely meant to be a more impressionistic loose painter. It’s not surprising actually since that’s how I have been with my photography work for the last 15 years or so. And now I’ve taken up painting I find I’m adopting a similar approach to my painting as I did with my photography. I’m learning and growing all the time and get inspiration from lots of wonderful artists…

  2. I like them both too! 🎨💕 I enjoy painting rocks and have done this subject almost every year at the lake. My style has gotten looser the more I paint them. I think it depends on the mood you want to give your viewer also. What emotion do you you want them to feel? Something I sometimes forget to think about, I’m just so happy that the painting looks like a rock! Lol! 😃 Keep experimenting Evelyn! 👍

    1. Thank you Margaret – I love impressionistic too, it’s definitely where my heart lies. And I have to flllow my heart where my art is concerned don’t I… !

  3. I like this a lot, Evelyn, and it’s funny – the post I publishes today has photos of these rock piles, or cairns, in it! It’s interesting to read your thoughts on the two paintings, too.

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