Just Opening

Just Opening - NB
Just Opening – a daffodil study in watercolour

I don’t have any daffodils in my garden so I had to buy some from my local supermarket. They were all tightly in bud when I bought them but very soon started to open. I decided to paint some watercolour studies of them in bud first and then I will do some more of them open. I did some quick pencil sketches first in my sketchbook before committing brush to watercolour paper.

Inspiration came from Jean Haines Atmospheric Flowers book. Of course, no pencil sketch was made on the watercolour paper before painting. This is my first ever attempt at painting daffodils and I’m quite pleased with them. But of course there’s always plenty of room for improvement…

Paper used is Fabriano Artistico extra white rough, 140 lb cotton and watercolour paints are by Daniel Smith.

22 thoughts on “Just Opening

  1. Nice work, Evelyn. They DO bespeak Spring, don’t they!! We have lots of daffs up about three inches now but no blooms yet, of course. Plenty of snowdrop, crocus and reticulata with hellebore hard on their heels!

    1. Thank you Carolynn – yes, they do epitomize spring! My snowdrops are over now and bluebells are coming up but I’m rather annoyed that slugs have eaten my anemone’s…. !

    1. Thank you Laura! To get the colours right I followed a Jean Haines tip and placed paint samples next to the flowers to get a good match…

    1. Thank you Sandra. For the brown papery bit at the base of the flower I used a mixture of Quinacridone Gold, Quinacridine Burnt Scarlet & Sepia. I didn’t have the right shade ready made so had to mix my own…

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