Wells’ Textures

I have just returned from a lovely weeks holiday with family in Wells-Next-The-Sea, North Norfolk. This is a part of Britain’s coast we’ve never been to before. The main purpose for coming here for a holiday was so that Carolyn and I could attend a two day art workshop hosted by artist Debbie Lyddon in her Whelk Shed Studio.  There will be more about the art workshop in a separate post.

Wells is a small town and quite old fashioned, which I love. Wells has a quay in the town with lots of boats. There are lovely seaside smells of sea salt and crabs as you walk along the quay. The quay divides into lots of different channels separated by the marshes. It’s a very interesting landscape.

Wells Quay 3 - NB
The Quay at Wells-Next-The-Sea

Wells does have a “proper” beach about a 10 minute walk from the quay but to be honest, from an artist’s point of view, the quay is a lot more interesting. Carolyn and I had a walk along the quay a few days after the art workshop had finished. Here are some of the lovely textures and colours that can be found along the quay….

Wells Texture 3 - NB

Soft neutral colours and lovely texture from the rope and textiles…

Wells Texture 4 - NB

Wells Texture 13 - NB
A whelk shed window

Lovely textures and patterns in the windows of an unused whelk shed…

Wells Texture 14 - NB
A whelk shed window

Wells Texture 10 - NB

ropes in varying shades of blue…

Wells Texture 19 - NB


Wells Texture 15 - NB
Soft grey colours and patterns in the mud
Wells Texture 28 - NB
Oyster Shell in black and white

Oyster shells can be found along the pebbly shores of the quay…

Wells Texture 27 - NB
Inside an Oyster Shell
Wells Texture 7 - NB
Rust and canvas

There’s an abundance of rust to be found in Wells – a by product of the salty sea air…

Wells Texture 8 - NB

Wells Texture 5 - NB
Rich ochre and sienna colours in the rust
Wells Texture 12 - NB
Ropes and rust
Wells Texture 23 - NB
Peeling paint in shades of soft green and blue

The soft paler green in the above image Carolyn and I have named “Wells Green” – you see a lot of it here…

Wells Texture 20 - NB

Wells Texture 18 - NB

Notice the aubergine/purple tones in the rust – they’re just beautiful…

Wells Texture 16 - NB

Wells Texture 17 - NB

Wells Texture 21 - NB
Beautiful vintage blues and yellows

Wells-Next-The-Sea is texture heaven. Colour and texture is everywhere throughout the town. My next task will be to use these awesome colours and textures to inspire some abstract watercolour sketches and paintings…

26 thoughts on “Wells’ Textures

  1. These photos are inspirational….yesterday I did day 2 of a rust dyeing course so when I saw your photos 👍🏻

  2. In seventh heaven, both of you!! Gorgeous photos that make even me want to create abstract sketches from these textures and colours in concertina format. Blessings.

  3. If this is a dupe post, Evelyn, forgive me. I was using my tablet with poor internet reception. But these photos are divinely gorgeous. I couldn’t believe the detail captured. What camera do you use? Even though a good camera is priceless, an artistic eye for SEEING this beauty in the world is even more priceless – and you certainly have that.

    1. Thank you Carol – I was really pleased with how the photos turned out. You never really know what you’ve got till you look at them on the computer at home! The camera I used was simple compact camera – a Canon SX7000 HS – nothing fancy or expensive. I like Canon cameras. But as you say, it’s having the eye to really “see” what’s around us that really counts – something we all have to teach ourselves to do…

  4. These photos and colors are simply stunning, Evelyn! What a lovely place to enjoy such scenes, and photograph the beauty. I Love the oyster inside the shell colors, the aubergine/purple with the rust. Thank you so much for sharing your week of enjoyment.

  5. These are all right up my street – beautiful colours and textures – thanks for sharing!

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