Lavender Whispers

Lavender Whispers

Whispers of lavender in watercolour. Simple, loose watercolour sketches. I picked some lavender from my garden and took it to my studio. I selected what I felt were the right watercolour pigments from my collection. I chose Daniel Smith’s Lavender, Carbazole Violet and Cascade Green – they were just right for the paler shade of lavender in my garden. Just simple sketches but much fun to do…

19 thoughts on “Lavender Whispers

  1. I haven’t visited you for a while, Evelyn, and I am amazed how brilliant you have become at watercolour! This little sketch is quite exceptional. I love how some of the flowers fade into the background. It may be loose, but you’ve got a lot of detail in there, too. It’s just gorgeous!

    Shoshi x

    1. Thank you Shoshi. I’ve missed you… ! I’ve been a bit hit and miss with blogging for a while but hoping to get back into blogging more regularly now. Watercolour is still my passion and I’m improving steadily. I love your new blog – very stylish…

      1. Thanks, Evelyn! And thank you for your visit. One day I’ll get round to working on the whole WordPress site but I ran out of steam when I couldn’t get it to work how I wanted! At least the blog is working OK. Glad you like my teabag stains. Did you see my watercolour doodles, too? They were a huge amount of fun to do.

        Shoshi x

  2. Lavender is so pretty and delicate, and your watercolor is gorgeous! I’ve photographed mine so many times, but would love to paint it, if I could. Thank you for sharing your lovely hand art.

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