It’s Time…

It’s Time….

“It’s Time” is a small watercolour interpretation of one of my own images. It measures 19 cm x 17 cm and was painted on Arches rough paper. I used Daniel Smith watercolours. Just 4 colours were used, namely, Quinacridone Gold, Transparent Red Oxide, Lunar Black and Cobalt Teal Blue. No preliminary pencil sketch was used.

This watercolour nearly ended up in the bin. I was working on one particular section and as soon as I’d done it I knew instantly that it was wrong. It wouldn’t lift off. I’m stuck with it. My heart sank. I’ve ruined it… and it was going so well. It was at this point I spent a couple of minutes seriously considering whether or not I should just bin it and start again. I decided not to bin it. I simply left it on the desk in my studio and walked away. I shut the studio door and didn’t return to it till the next morning. Looking at it with fresh eyes I could see that maybe there was a way to recover the situation. I’m glad I didn’t throw it away now and I like how it finished up.

“It’s Time…” is an appropriate title for this watercolour as I’ve decided it’s time I knuckled down to some more intensive watercolour practice… !

19 thoughts on “It’s Time…

  1. Your work is always so delicate and dreamy. I never would have known that this piece almost ended up in the bin because it looks flawless to me. I know what it is like to experience a gap between your mind’s eye vision of the piece and what appears on paper. I have that all the time and it makes my Inner Critic get very loud.

    1. Thank you Laura. Yes, this came dangerously close to being binned! I think most of us have a tendency to be overly critical of our own work. We need to find a way of silencing our inner critic…

  2. It’s such a lovely painting, I’m glad you didn’t throw it away. Sometimes you have to put the brush down and back away slowly, then look at it again another day x

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