Cat Portrait

Yesterday I painted my first ever cat in watercolour…

Cat Portrait - NB
Cat Portrait in watercolour

I painted it without a pencil sketch. I used an assortment of Daniel Smith watercolours: Manganese Blue Hue, French Ultramarine, Flint Grey, Lunar Blue, Sepia, Aussie Red Gold and Quinacridone Rose. It was painted on Saunders Waterford NOT paper, 200 lb.

I did do a pencil drawing of the cat in my sketchbook first:

Cat Drawing - NB
Simple cat portrait pencil sketch

It’s not a detailed drawing but has just enough information to recognize that it’s a cat. If I can draw a cat in my sketchbook with a pencil then I should be able to “draw” a cat with a paintbrush on watercolour paper. However, if I can’t draw a simple cat with pencil in my sketchbook then I don’t stand a chance of being able to paint a cat on watercolour paper…

Also I practiced painting cat’s eyes on small pieces of watercolour paper first. If the eyes are not right then the whole cat will not look right…

Cats Eyes - NB
Cats eyes practice

I did make a note of what colours I used for my cats eyes by each one for future reference. The potential colour combinations are endless…

My cat portrait is my interpretation of a tutorial by Jean Haines. It was fun painting a cat and it’s something completely different for me. What new watercolour challenges will there be next?

15 thoughts on “Cat Portrait

  1. Oh Evelyn, this is lovely! Is it a portrait of a particular cat? – or just “out of your head”? I love your practice eyes too. They look so liquid and shiny! Beautiful.

    Hope you are staying safe and well in the lockdown. Take care of yourself!

    Shoshi x

    1. Thank you Shoshi. I had a photo which I based this cat painting upon but I did use a little creative license… ! I’ve joined Jean Haines online art school – it’s brilliant – and painting a cat was one of the tutorials we were given to do. I’m very safe and well thank you and I hope you are too. Evelyn x

      1. Thank you, Evelyn, we are both fine. We are very fortunate in having a nice house and a beautiful garden to sit out in. It was my birthday on Saturday and my hubby took me out, and it was the first time I’d left the premises since the start of the lockdown! it was lovely to go and see the sea and have a change of scene. I do love your cat portrait! That’s marvellous, that you’ve joined an online art school. I am sure she is very pleased with your progress.

        Shoshi x

  2. The way you balanced the details of eyes, mouth/nose and whiskers with the soft fur is terrific. It’s just the right amount of precision – no more is needed. 🙂

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