Colour Play…

I love playing with colour – just pushing colours and water across paper with no pressure to produce a framed work of art. I find it’s an important part of the watercolour learning process – seeing how pigments interact, seeing what lovely new colours appear when you mix them together. Or sometimes just placing colours side by side to see how they look together…

Green Envy – all my Daniel Smith greens in one place…

Daniel Smith have the most wonderful collection of green watercolour shades – mixing natural greens can now be thing of the past, if you wish. Don’t all these greens look wonderful together? I have included above a couple of my own mixes. Some of these greens are cool greens (leaning towards blue) and some are warm greens (leaning towards yellow). I love seeing them all in one place. Daniel Smith have some truly unique green shades you wont find in any other brand.

I have also been comparing some turquoise shades from my palette:

Stunning shades of turquoise…

I love all these turquoise shades but if I had to pick a favourite it would probably be Phthalo Turquoise (2nd from the left). But I do really love my own turquoise mix on the very left. I’ve called it Iced Aqua and it’s a mix of Viridian and Cerulean Blue Chromium. It is very similar to Phthalo Turquoise in hue but it granulates – DS Viridian and Cerulean Blue Chromium are both granulating colours.

I love all things to do with the sea, beach and coast; these lovely green and turquoise shades are perfect for the sea and surrounding landscapes.

Why not have some fun playing with colour… ?

10 thoughts on “Colour Play…

  1. Just letting you know I love your blog. Thank you. I just played with my colors this morning—no expectations!

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