About Me

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My name is Evelyn and I’m on a colourful, creative journey into the stunningly beautiful world of watercolour painting.  

I live in the south west of England, affectionately known as “The West Country”. I passionately adore watercolour – I love the stunning colours, the transparency and how the pigments mingle so beautifully with water on lovely watercolour paper. My blog is documenting my journey and progress with this beautiful but challenging medium. If I can possibly inspire others to pick up a brush and begin (or continue) their own watercolour journey then that would make me very happy…

I love being by the sea and all things related. This will always be a source of inspiration for my watercolour paintings. My watercolours are also inspired by nature – flowers, plants, animals and landscapes. The simple things of every day life make great watercolour subjects too.

I love colour and texture; I love experimenting with these elements. I’m irresistibly drawn to the light too. I’ve realized (through trial and error) that I must have light and white space in my watercolour work.

I love the watercolour work of Hazel Soan; I have several of her books and a number of DVD’s. Two of my favourite books are “The Essence of Watercolour” and “Hazel Soan’s Watercolour Rainbow” – these books are worth buying just for her stunning, inspiring watercolour paintings at every turn of the page; the information they contain is extremely helpful. I’ve also found her DVD’s invaluable for teaching watercolour techniques and learning theory. Also quite early in my watercolour journey I discovered the loose watercolour work of Jean Haines and fell in love with it; I like her approach of painting without a preliminary sketch. Her book “Atmospheric Watercolours” was a real eye-opener for me; it completely changed the way I think about and approach watercolour painting. 

I also occasionally experiment with some mixed media art –  collage, erosion bundles, printing, dyeing and working in sketchbooks.

I have also been a digital photography enthusiast for over 20 years. I love editing my photos on the computer and giving them a creative, artistic touch with beautiful textures and overlays. I have a Canon EOS 7D DSLR, which I love, and also have a Canon Powershot SX 700 HS compact camera, which I also love and goes with me everywhere.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my creative corner of the internet and thank you for taking an interest in my work