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Vintage Autumn
Autumn leaves on the path in the park…
Walking through the park...
Walking through the park…

From all the bokeh, you can probably tell I used my 50 mm lens! The autumn leaves and sunshine created some lovely vibrant colours in the park.

Crisp dry autumn leave on the path by the canal...
Crisp dry autumn leaves on the path by the canal…
Hoping for nuts...
Hoping for nuts…

This little sqirrel in the park wasn’t at all bothered by my presence. I’m sure he was hoping I’d have some nuts squirreled away in my camera bag! He was out of luck – I keep all sorts of random stuff in my camera bag but no nuts!

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Fading Summer

Today I’ve had a little play in Photoshop and I’ve processed an image in three different ways…

Classic black and white:

Fading Summe 1

Desaturated and lightly textured:

Fading Summer 2

A soft dreamy sepia tone with a subtle texture:

Fading Summer 3

I like them all – I love the simple classic lines and tones of the black and white, I love the delicate tones of the middle one and I love the soft warm sepia tones of the last.

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” – Albert Einstein

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Vintage Mousehole

Mousehole in B & W Textured

This is the beautiful little fishing village of Mousehole, in Cornwall, UK. It’s very old fashioned and uncommercialiized, it has lovely old buildings and very narrow streets. The harbour is beautiful too. I’ve converted it to a sepia toned image and added some vintage textures too.

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Changes and Free Textures

I’ve made a few changes here at my blog! I have a new design, I’ve decided to enable the comments and I’ve added a link to my Flickr Photostream. I love to look at other peoples work – I find it interesting and inspiring…

Smoky Blue watercolour - SR

I have a FREE TEXTURES page on Flickr – a collection of textures you can use in your photography, art, design work etc. They are completely free to download and use under a Creative Commons Attribution License. They are high quality, high resolution textures. There are a few simple rules to bear in mind but nothing very complex! Do have fun being creative with my textures and feel free to leave links to your work in my comments box, here or on Flickr, I would love to see your work.

The the texture image above is the texture I used on the image in my previous post.

Evelyn 🙂