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Surface Treatment Workshop – Week 8

Welcome to week 8 of the Surface Treatment Workshop. This week’s focus is on using gesso. Mostly gesso is just used to prime a surface before adding paint or other media but I decided to make more of a feature of it with my samples for this week…B & W Gesso - NB

In the above collage I painted four squares of gesso onto the paper – clockwise: dark grey, black, light grey and white. Then I simply added strips of vintage paper over the joins. I finished by putting four small squares of my own art work in each box. Very simple to do and a very simple design. I really like the neutral colours.

Neutral Striped Gesso - NB

Next I decided to have a play with some tinted gesso. Using one of my larger paint mixing trays I set about mixing white gesso with acrylic paint. I found you only needed very tiny amounts of paint to turn the white gesso into some lovely  pastel colours. In the sample above I used gesso tinted with sepia, indigo and just plain white gesso. Down the left side is a strip of fabric roses which I painted with indigo gesso.

Gesso Sketchbook 1 - NB

How both samples look in my sketchbook.

One of the prompts in the book was to stick objects items onto the surface and gesso over them. I decided to stick some vintage lace to my acrylic paper and gesso over them:

Vintage Lace & Gesso - NB

On the left side the lace is painted with Sepia gesso and the for the blue side I used Prussian Blue gesso overlaid with some white gesso to tone down the blue a little. For the next samples I decided to add some more colours to my paint tray – to the Sepia, Indigo and Prussian Blue I added Paynes Grey, Yellow Ochre and Turquoise….

Tinted Gesso Mosaic - NB

I used a large brush and a palette knife for the above samples. All the colours work really well together and the palette knife helped to create some lovely textures. This is how these samples look in my sketchbook:

Gesso Sketchbook 2 - NB

More tinted gesso samples:

Tinted Gesso 1 - NBTinted Gesso 2 - NB

The samples with stripes on I used some corrugated cardboard to stamp gesso onto my paper – stamping with gesso was one of the prompts in the book we’re working from. I also stuck some of the corrugated card I used into my sketchbook. This is how both these pages look in my sketchbook:

Gesso Sketchbook 3 - NB

I really enjoyed playing with gesso this week. I found my imagination ran overtime – I have so many other ideas for using gesso than what you see here but I just didn’t have time to explore them all this week. So I will have another play with gesso another time.

Just click on any of the images to view them larger…

Next week we are going to do Week 7 (which we missed out) and Week 10 together as they both focus on using acrylic gels – it’s going to be fun !

Vintage Dyed Fabrics


Vintage dyed fabrics… lace, silk, organza, jute, cotton, denim, scrim, string…


dyed with tea, coffee, acrylic paint, rust, turmeric…


Above is some distressed silk – distressed and dyed with bleach and vinegar and rust…  (it was originally cream coloured!)

All these fabric pieces look wonderfully vintage after being dyed and all of them will get used in mixed media art projects in time. It’s so useful to have a supply of vintage dyed fabrics ready for use…

Art & Beauty In Decay


On August 22nd 2016 I made an erosion bundle pictured above. It’s a stack of paper and some fabric sandwiched together with all sorts of things – random blobs of paint, tea bags, rusty objects, tumeric etc. I tied it with string and then placed it in the garden to let the elements work their magic on it. On Sunday (27th November 2016), 3 months later, I decided to see how it was doing. It was looking rather worse for wear! So I decided to bring it indoors and open it up! Would you like to see what I ended up with… ??


Those of you who have done this before will know that you have to peel the damp papers apart very carefully. When my fragile papers came apart I found I had lots of beautifully  stained, aged papers and fabric with wonderful colours and textures…

This is a more detailed view of the above picture:


Can you imagine how these lovely colours and textures will look in some mixed media art or collage?



Next is the other side of the above piece of paper:



With erosion bundles you never know what you’re going to end up with so I was over the moon to see such wonderful colours, textures and stains on my papers…

This is a more detailed view of the above picture:



This piece of indigo denim  became totally fused together with the papers that surrounded it – they are totally inseparable! Next is a picture of  the other side:




The rust apparently seeped through all the layers of paper and fabric, along with tea stains from the tea bags…


What awesome textures – the hint of green colour in the above picture is where some turmeric mixed with some turquoise paint…



Three months in my garden and these papers look like they could be hundreds of years old! Some lace has become beautifully antique looking…


Paint stained and rusted indigo denim:


The rusty items in my erosion bundle became even more rusty and were covered in paper and paint…


These delicate papers will be now stored very carefully somewhere nice and flat till I get to use them in some art. The fabrics will go into my fabric stash ready for use and the rusty items will get reused again in another project! You can click on any of the images to view them larger.

I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing my erosion bundle results. I really enjoy doing erosion bundles and I’ve already got some good  ideas for my next erosion bundle…

Roses & New Textures

French Lace Rose

Dried pink roses on antique French ephemera overlaid with beautiful textures…

Vintage Paper Rose

Also I have uploaded two *NEW* textures to Flickr this morning ~ they are FREE to download and use in your photography/art:

Grunge Collage Textures

These textures are created from some of my own original collages. There will be more textures in this set to follow ~ have some creative fun with them!

Two New Textures

Paper & Lace 1

Paper & Lace 2

Two new textures are available at Daydreaming Images on Flickr. They are FREE for you to download and use in your photography/art/design work etc. Just click the images above to take you to the relevant pages on Flickr. These two textures are a combination of two of my favourite things – vintage ephemera and vintage lace! Have some beautiful creative fun with them!

See you soon


Vintage Blue Lace

This is one of my most recent FREE textures:

Vintage Blue Lace

It’s FREE to download and use in your photography/art/design work. Just click on the image to take you to the image on Flickr and the download button is on the far right of the black area! I love this texture it’s fast becoming one of my favourites! Here are some images I’ve processed using this texture:

Sepia Jeans

Vintage Denim Pocket

Sepia Denim

This image is available in my shop

The three images above are all of an assortment of denims converted to monochrome and overlaid with my Vintage Blue Lace texture! The denims and lace seem to work very well together.

Vintage Denim & Lace

This is an original design I created for my shop using my Vintage Blue Lace texture, some denim and a stripe design which is also my own original design! I really like this design and it works well with the products in my shop!

I wish sometimes there could be an extra 4 hours a day and an extra day in the week – I seem to be always battling against the clock to try and fit in all I want to do! I hope you’re all having a great weekend ~ see you soon!


A New Home For My Textures

For just over 2 years now I have been sharing my collection of textures on a Flickr photostream called Texture Time. They have proved to be extremely popular – much more so than I ever imagined they would be! But the time has come for me to move them into my Evelyn Flint Photography Flickr photostream so that I can have everything “under one roof”! It will be much easier for me to keep track of everything…

Some of my textures:

Texture Time - Free Vintage Paper Textures

1. Vintage Paper 9 – FREE TEXTURE, 2. Vintage Paper 15 with lace – FREE TEXTURE, 3. Vintage Paper 15 – FREE TEXTURE, 4. Vintage Paper Collection – FREE TEXTURE, 5. Post Card Collage – FREE TEXTURE, 6. Antique Italian Post Card – FREE TEXTURE, 7. Tea Paper, 8. Old Stuff, 9. Vintage Paper & Lace, 10. Vintage Paper 1, 11. Vintage Paper 2, 12. Vintage Paper Pile, 13. Worn Vintage Paper

Just click the links above to take you to view and download the texture – the download button is the arrow symbol in the bottom right of the black photo area.

Texture Time - FREE Lace Textures

1. Cream Lace – FREE TEXTURE, 2. Layers Of Lace 1 – FREE TEXTURE, 3. Layers Of Lace 2 – FREE TEXTURE, 4. Layers Of Lace 3 – FREE TEXTURE, 5. Neutral Lace with Flowers – FREE TEXTURE, 6. Twisted Lace – FREE TEXTURE, 7. Distressed Vintage Lace – FREE TEXTURE, 8. Lacy Post Card, 9. Lacy Script – FREE TEXTURE, 10. Layers of Lace 4 – FREE TEXTURE, 11. Vintage Sepia Lace – FREE TEXTURE, 12. Blank Canvas – FREE TEXTURE, 13. Grubby Canvas – FREE TEXTURE

All my textures are FREE to use under a Creative Commons Attribution license for personal use or commercial use. I hope you have lots of creative fun with them…